Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

Z Code System is giving away free sports betting tools!

You hobby is sports betting, but you are losing more than you are winning? The the people behind the Z Code System are giving away a few of their tools they are using to predict sports events with a nice accuracity! In order to get these tools, just visit their website by clicking here and you are ready to go!

After signing up, you will get access to six sports betting tools you can use to manage your risk, locate almost sure bets and much more....its really worth the few minutes!

Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Z Code System Review - Professional Sports Betting, Is This Possible?

Hello and Welcome to my Z Code System Review! The Z Code System is a complex expert system trying to predict the results of the most popular (and many more) sports events. As I first hit their site, I didn´t belive a single word, but after doing a bit of research I found their Facebook page showing hundrets of real positiv comments  and testimonials about this service, so I decided to give it a try for 2 months risk free using their webseite here (You can even get a free sports betting tip just for visiting their site!)! Watch this short review video a friend of mine did :

What I found Inside...

After signing up, I directly got access to their members area. After trying the Z Code System myself for a few weeks (I only bet on the "sure bets" they are showing in the members area, they offer lots more oppertunities, but I just wanted to test the service, not to make a fortune (or lose it) in the first few weeks), I was blown away by their accuracity!

I got 8 winners in the first 10 bets I´ve placed, and about 70 (A little less) in the first 100 placed bets, so it´s not a problem to make a profit using the Z Code system.

One thing I really like is the possibility to bet wherever you want, you also can choose to place your bet in your favorite betting shop. Its also no arbitage, so you are not forced to place two bets on different places!

Here are a few more of the things you will find inside the Z Code System membership area :

- Daily betting tips for NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL games
- Help and Support from betting experts
- Automated prediction model using more than 80 parameters to determine winning bets!
- Advanced coaching inside the ZCodesystem members area!
- Top support and much more....

The Z Code System is now proven to work since 1999, so it is really a proven sports betting system, ready for you to place your first winning bet!

Testdrive the Z Code System Risk Free for 60 Days...Click Here!

You Don´t Belive It?

Not a problem, I was on your side some time ago, but luckily I´ve tried it, so you can too! There is a two month money back guarantee, so you are completely backed up, just make sure to place the first 10 bets not on your real account, just take a look at the predictions and results to see that it really works, this way there is absolutly no risk for you!

Testdrive the Z Code System Risk Free for 60 Days...Click Here!

Samstag, 19. Dezember 2009

Betfair Blueprint Review - 70% Winning Rate with Betfair Horse Betting!

The Betfair Blueprint about placing winning Bets on Horse Races has been Released!

After trying the Betfair Blueprint Betting System I got some great results with their betting system, Here are my experiences:

This System shows you a really working Horse Betting System to generate a nice additional income by using the Betfair Sports Betting System!

The Betfair Blueprint exposes all the secret strategies all the bookers try to hide from you. I talk about these techniques all the heavy Winners are using for quite some time.

Now, for the first Time, it´s real easy for you to get this amazing betting System into your own hands, just go to the Betfair Blueprint Homepage, purchase their product and you will be leaded to their download page almost instantly!

The Betfair Blueprint claims that the average win ratio is something more about 70%, which is a very high winning rate for horse betting!

After struggling for quite some time with Horse Betting (I normally use to bet on team sport events with the Boss Buster System read my Review here), I tried the Betfair Blueprint.

After 4 bets in something more than two weeks I made 1879.46$ in pure profit, so it seems to work real well. Of course there are a few rules or points you MUST KEEP in mind in order to be successful with betfair horse race betting, but after reading this Betting Guide you are perfectly prepared to start winning money on Betfair!

I highly recommend to try the Betfair Blueprint if you want to stay on the winning site of Horse betting, there is a full 60 Day money back Gurantee, so you can test it without risk on your side!

Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Boss Buster, Get a 50% discount, without any Bonuses!

There is a special offer for those of you with no need for the Bonuses, you would receive for your Gold Membership upgrade!

With this offer you will save 50% of the regular price, that means you pay 97$ instead of 197$ for your Gold upgrade. For those of you, don´t knowing the Boss Buster, take a look at the other posts on this Blog or visit the main page of the Boss Buster by

Clicking Here!

Or you can view the following videos to learn more about the idea behind The Boss Buster! You can sign up for the first to get free access to a 13 part video tutorial, showing you the exact techniques to grab 3.128.00$ without any risk!

This gives you more than the money to join 15 times as gold member, for free!

Free Tutorial to 3.128.00$ risk-free

This Video explains why you should build your business with these techniques!

Arbitrage Business!

The last video is just to answer the most commen questions about the Boss Buster!

To get your 50% discount, just go to the link below to the main page and try to leave the page! There should open a new window with the special offer!

Read more about the Boss Buster Video Course at my Review:

Freitag, 18. September 2009

Boss Buster, your way to risk free arbitrage income

In this Blog post I want to tell you something more about the Boss Buster

The Boss Buster system shows you exactly how to use arbitrage techniques with sports book betting, do not understand me wrong, you won´t gamble for your money, arbitrage enables you to eliminate the "gambling or risk" factor completely! Don´t miss this Boss Buster video Tutorial!

There will be absolutly no risk for you with this tactic!

One Part of the Boss Buster Gold Membership is the "The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Risk-Free Arbitrage Profits", an easy to follow video tutorial about making money with arbitage techniques.

The 25-Video-Tutorial to risk free arbitage profits shows you all you need to build a fast growing arbitage income, even if you don´t have much money to start your arbitage business! Here are a few of the knowlege you will discover with this 25-Tutorial Video Tutorial :

- How to build a huge income with easy to use but powerful arbitage tactics

- the secrets to stack the odds in your favor - deeply explained, this saves you a great amount of time, work and money to learn these techniques.

- This part of the boss buster membership expose to you 13 possible ways to make money with risk free arbitage transactions

- Learn how to protect your money by using 4 layers of protection at once

- all instructions to easily start with your arbitage transaction businesses, even with a low budget to invest

- all you need to know about Arbitrage Services, to save you a high amount of time by search for profitable arbitage oppertunities.

- 9 tips to get the most out of Arb Services

- save weeks of trial and frustration with the 5-point checklist to find the the best sports book to use these risk free arbirage techniques

- Tricks to minimize transaction costs to make even more money

- plus free access to all the tools and knowlege to start directly to earn money with these arbitage techniques

You see the Boss Buster video tutorial to Risk Free Arbitage Profit is a complete step by step guide to build an risk free arbitage income stream, completely without selling, recruiting or all the other tasks the most other ways to earn money online require!

And this is only a part of all the products , tools and training videos, you will find in the Boss Buster Gold Members Area.

Think about a business, where every transaction turns into a surefire arbitage profit for you!

Each Transaction converts into Profit!

You can easily make 2000 up to 4000$ per month with only about 4 hours of work per day!

To discover the oppertunity open up for you with the boss buster system, I highly recommend to check out the Free Boss Buster Tutorial to Claim 3.220$ in free cash! This tutorial was designed to show you the power of the complete system, you just have to try it, it´s totally free for you!

Sign Up for the Boss Buster video tutorial!
To claim your Free Cash with the Boss Buster System!

if you want some more infomations, watch these two videos first:

Learn more about a profitable home business without any risk!

The third video about the Boss Buster! (Answers)

Sonntag, 23. August 2009

Different Sports Book Betting variant!

Moneyline Bet

"Money line" is a betting variant which is exclusively on the result of the game, regardless of the spread. This online betting variant normally indicated by the term "even" and can either be a positive or negative number. But normally the negative numbers are staying for favorite teams. It shows the placed odds, and it´s always based on $100.

Suppose two teams; Arizona and California are listed at:
Arizona -250
Jacks 200

The negative (-) sign opposite to Arizona, shows it as the favored team to win the bet. Here the you will win $100 for every $250 bet on Arizona. If the bet is on the California, you would get $200 for every $100 you put in.

Parlay Bet

When you bet on "parlay", you bet on two or more games in one betting. Parlay gives you a great benefit by giving you a high return for a low investment. A "four-play parlay" or more parlay shows up the number of includet games in the bet. It also shows you how high the payout will be.

Suppose you place a four-way parlay on the Leopards, Leos, Gepards, and Lakers. If all of the three teams win, you will get $400 for every $100 bet. But incase if any one team loses the one game, you will lose your parlay bet.

Point Spread Bet

"Point spread" is the bet option where there are two teams; one of the teams with a negative (-) number and the other team with a positive (+) number. The negative number shows you the favorite team, whereas the positive number is for the underdog team.

Now, suppose there are two teams, San Francisco and Aizona which are listed at:

Away Home
San Francisco -8.0 -120
Arizona +8.0 -120

In the example above,"-8.0" is opposite to the San Francisco team which clearly shows you that they are the favorite. If you bet on the San Francisco team to win, the San Francisco team must win by more than three points. Here the Arizona team is the underdog as the "+8.0" score are opposite to it. So, if the bet is on the Arizona team to win, they must either win, or not lose by more than 8 points. Here, the second number opposite to each team is showing you the payout if you win the bet. This means if you win you will get $100 for every $120 bet. The bet will be fallen on the spread, if San Francisco wins by exactly 8 points. In this case, all bets will be canceled and the stakes will be returned.

Dienstag, 18. August 2009

The great advantages of online sports book betting!

There are a lot of internet users who enjoy sportsbook betting on the internet. Online sports book betting has become a well known way to make a great amount of money on the world wide web. But the only thing about online sportsbook betting is that it should be legal in any circumstances. Due to its high popularity in the internet world have come out with many different opportunities to make some money with online sportsbook betting. If you go through that online betting advantages which is going to be discussed in this post you will find it very effective to make money as well as for your entertainment at the same time in the same process of online sports betting.
Accordingly for making you careful in this field of betting there are also some warnings of possible traps regarding this way of online betting given in the following so that you become a successful winner of your sportsbook bettings.
1. Gambling facility in day in and day out:
The main advantage you get from this type of online sports book betting is that you can run your gambling process day in and day out , 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So whenever you want to place your bettings, you can do it just by a single click of your mouse and your screen will display your way.
2. Facility to have bonuses:
Winning a bet doesn´t influenz your next betting. Once you can win but next time you may lose. In this field bonus stand for deposit bonuses for your first deposit and the following deposites. That is free cash of course and if you win in your 1st bet all the time, this will put a lot of money in your pocket!
3. No fear to make the first step in sports book betting:
As you will have the facility to get in touch with the online betting throughout the day, you can make your first step in any moment according to your decision and motivation. You don´t need to worry to get started in such activities as this is very easy to do as well as safe. Choose any online betting sports book option in the internet and then beginn your betting by a single click. All of your personal data will remain confidential in this matter.
4. Various lines of betting, better option to win more and more:
There are always several ways of better lines of betting available on the world wide web. You have to make a clear concept about that. Have a look over the different betting lines, add them to your gambling plan and that can make you win more than before. Avoid the poor lines of betting unless you will lose cash without profit.
5. Certain payment system:
Now you can have that much of confidence that you will get paid certainly which was rare in the past. With no doubt you can send money to your any betting line as the sportsbook are now licensed and regulated strongly.